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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ramadan Is Interesting because ...

Ramadan started today and I am excited about it. The sunset is around 7 p.m. which is the latest I have ever fasted. Lack of tea and caffeine is my biggest challenge. In a regular non-Ramadan day, I would normally drink 3-4 cups of tea. The interesting thing that I noticed today is that I got hungry around 10 a.m., noon and 4 p.m. which are the times I usually eat breakfast, lunch and have a snack. It does not make sense to be hungry at 10 in the morning since it's still very early in the day. My explanation for that is the stomache memory factor so it should be much better once I get used to not eating at those times.

What I like about Ramadan (aside from the spirtual aspect) is that it's very different than any other month in the year. It kinda splits the year into two parts: pre Ramadan and after Ramadan. I really appreciate this break of routine. For one thing it makes me look at how I have been spending my time before. And since the month is mostly dedicated to religious activities, I don't have time to perform any of my pre-Ramadan activities and hence I don't get to make any immediate decisions regarding my evaluation. Instead I have time to plan with ease.